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ALAHWALALJAYEDAHTECH.CONT.LLC has been actively involved in HVAC Product Supplies, with  UAE Contracting Industry, supporting large and  medium sized MEP Contractors, with quality pre fabricated  rectangular and round

ducting.ALAHWALALJAYEDAH TECH.CONT.UC fabricates ducting to various stand•

ards such as ASH RAE, OW 142, Euro vent, and SMACNA, in boxed, Land U Sections, as per requirement.

With  state of art facilities,  fully computerized  machinery,  HVAC engineer manned workstation  ALAHWALALJAYEDAHTECH.CONT.LLC offers faster, quality deliveries on all kinds of projects. ALAHWALALJAYEDAH TECH.CONT.LLC boasts of a complete engineering team backing up the production facilities to give solutions, and support to our valued customers.

ALAHWALALJAYEDAHTECH.CONT.LLC  now also manufactured  all sizes of slide on flanges (20, 30 and 40mm) in its warehouse. Flanges suited and meeting international standards are supplied loose or installed onto ductworks, with special Clinches/ Press-Joining Technique, thereby minimizing the site work.

ALAHWALALJAYEDAHTECH.CONT.LLC also manufactures volume control damp• ers, access doors, splitter dampers, fully welded construction  Stainless Steel, MS Fully Welded Construction Ducting.

ALAHWALALJAYEDAH TECH.CONT.LLC also Stocks steel of different grades, includ• ing as per ASTM  A 653 / ASTM  A 924 Lock forming grade,  in coil and sheet form, manufactured by !SCOR - South Africa, Saudi - Hadeed, Tata India, Jindal - India, Nippon - Japan and  Nisshin - Japan.

ALAHW�LALJAYEQAH.TECH.CONT.LLC authorized  fabricated  of  PAL  Middle  East

PIR LLC by  PAL CNC Machine.

Sajjah Industrial Area

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Tel: 06-5683206